About us

At Heal For Life we firmly believe anyone can heal from childhood trauma and all survivors have the opportunity to realise their potential to heal for life, no matter who they are, or their background.

We know healing is a process and our understanding, experience and expertise allow us to provide a warm and safe environment for people to begin to heal.

A place where they can start to feel optimistic about their ability to heal for life and the possibilities the future holds.

Heal For Life – Empowering people to heal from childhood trauma and abuse.

Our Programs

Our peer-led programs are based on the latest neuroscience research and shaped by the feedback of over 8,500 survivors.

We provide a safe space for survivors to tell their story, be heard and believed, and to learn how to acknowledge and express the emotion associated with trauma so healing can begin.

All Heal For Life facilitators are tertiary trained health professionals and our peer support volunteers are extensively trained and supervised.

But what makes our programs truly unique is that all of our highly trained staff are themselves survivors of childhood trauma.